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Senior Balance Articles

Balance Course

Five Common Reasons That Seniors Fall - Chicago Tribune
From the Fall Prevention Clinic of America in Naperville, IL comes a list of things that can cause balance problems for seniors.

Exercises to Keep Your Equilibrium
This article includes a fall prevention tipsheet and some pictures of exercises you can try.

Senior Exercises - Buzzle
This well-rounded article covers the four major areas of senior fitness - balance, strength, stretching, and endurance. It does not talk about specific exercises but instead gives you an overview of each area and tells you why it's important.

Two Simple Balance Exercises - EzineArticles
Describes two easy exercises that you can do at home that will help strengthen the muscles of the lower leg, which greatly influence balance.

Watch the Walk and Prevent a Fall - New York Times
Provides a general overview of the prevalence and costs of falling. Covers common contributing factors like a change in medication, sarcopenia, etc. Then talks about some interesting technology they are studying that may help us reduce falls in the future.

Balance Exercises for Seniors - EzineArticles
Goes over some simple strength and balance exercises.

4 Balance Exercises That Can Improve Balance - Buzzle
Advanced single leg progressions are covered in this article. Also goes mentions some posture cues, safety tips, and balance apparatuses.

Seniors Concerned About Falling - USA Today
Covers some interesting information about the aftermath of a fall in terms of injuries, costs, and quality of life.

Tell Your Doctor if You Fall - USA Today
This article expounds upon the interesting fact that often people who fall do not tell their doctor. Also goes into detail about how the walking motion of seniors differs from younger people and my increase their chances of falling.

A Fresh Approach to Falls Needed - BBC
This article suggest that perhaps too much attention is being placed on osteoporosis medicine in order to prevent broken bones when it might be better to focus on balance exercises, strength training, and home safety improvements .

Balance Improved After Knee Replacement - American Senior Fitness Association

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