The Balance Manual

"How to Improve Balance
And Prevent Falls
With Balance Exercises"

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Part 1 – Why balance gets worse as you get older
Part 2 – The wrong way to deal with poor balance
Part 3 – How to do balance exercises (video)
Part 4 – The most important muscles for preventing falls (video)
Part 5 – How to reduce falls where they happen the most

Each year 1 in 3 people over the age of 60 experience a fall. The good news is that many of these falls can be prevented with the right exercises.

In the FREE Better Balance Ecourse, you'll learn why your balance gets worse as you age, and then fitness expert Mike Ross will show you several strategies that can help you improve your balance, reduce your risk of falling, and enjoy a higher quality of life. There's even videos of exercises that you can start doing at home right away.

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