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Fallproof! – A Comprehensive Balance and Mobility Training Program

Written by Dr. Debra Rose who heads up the Fall Prevention Center for Excellence, this book is quite in depth and is meant for the fitness or health professional who works with people who are at risk of falling.

It is 328 pages and includes extensive sections on how balance works and what can cause it to deteriorate, assessment protocols, and program development for various skill levels. It also includes questionnaires and assessment sheets that you can photocopy and use. The 2nd edition also includes a DVD.

How to Prevent Falls:
Better Balance, Independence and Energy in 6 Simple Steps

This helpful book is by Betty Perkins-Carpenter, Ph.D, and is based on her 6 steps to better balance and fewer falls. Those steps include unique ways to train your balance like dancing with a pillow or walking while talking on the phone, things that you normally wouldn’t think of as balance exercises, but they do indeed work your balance.

Her book also includes more conventional stretches and strength exercises, as well as advice on how to fall. The book is 152 pages in a large font with lots of pictures.

Morning Cup of Balance

The “Morning Cup” book series includes several books, all which center around setting aside about 15 minutes in the morning to do a certain exercise (yoga, tai chi, strength), in this case, balance exercises.

In addition to balance, the book also has exercises for strength and flexibility. It is written by physical therapist Kim Bright-Fey who also wrote another book for the Morning Cup Series about massage. The book is 80 pages and also comes with a CD.

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