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Creating Balance in Your
Workout Program

As you go about creating a workout program for yourself, one thing that you need to make sure that you factor into the equation is balance.  While you may be highly motivated and want to reach your goals in record time, if you don’t maintain good balance with your workouts, you’re on a downward spiral to overtraining.

As a senior, you won’t have the recovery rates that you used to have when you were young, so sustaining proper balance will be even more important than before.

Let’s have a look at the main things that you can do to create balance in your workout program.

Schedule Both Strength And Cardio Activities

First things first, it’s important that you get both strength training and cardiovascular training sessions included in your workout program.  Both of these types of exercises are going to be imperative to sustaining good health over the long run and keeping you at your ideal body weight.

There needs to be balance between each type of workout, so aim for 2-3 days of weight training using a full body workout and then another 2-3 days of cardiovascular exercise.

This also shakes up the workout routine and keeps you interested.

Plan A Day For Complete Rest

Another must-have in your workout program to achieve good balance is one day for complete rest.  Your main mission on this day is to rest and relax. If you want to do some light stretching or maybe go for a short walk around the block after dinner, that’s fine but you must take care to do not much else.

While you may feel ‘lazy’ on this day, remember that being that way is going to help you work harder on the days that you do exercise.

Schedule A Day For Active Rest And Fun

Next, also make room for fun.  It’s easy to get so caught up in our scheduled workout programs that we neglect to do activities that we simply enjoy.

Plan for one activity that has no focus on results, but simply gets you up and moving – and having fun.

Whether it’s playing golf, going for a bike ride with your grandkids, or doing some yoga, get it in once per week.  It’ll recharge your mind and your body.
Monitor Yourself Carefully

Finally, the last step to remember to create balance in your workout program is to make sure that you monitor yourself closely.  Pay attention to how well you’re recovering and how you feel on a session to session basis.
If you ever feel like you’re always dragging and just struggling to make it through each workout, that’s a sign you aren’t taking enough rest.  Add an extra day for recovery and that should remedy the situation instantly.

So there you have the most important points to remember.  Keep these in mind as you design your weekly exercise plan.

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The Balance Manual

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