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Balance Exercises - Resources

Balance Course

Maintaing Some Balance - Bangkok Post
This article goes over a variety of causes for falling, and provides a thorough checklist of what a doctor looks for when examining a patient that is prone to falling.

Designing Balance Exercise Programs for Older Adults - Lance C. Dalleck, Ph.D
This is a great article that goes over the origin of poor balance, the importantce of functionality when balance training, and some innovative ways to make balance exercises multi-sensory.

Effects of balance exercises on people with multiple sclerosis: a pilot study -
This study measured the improvements in balance (as measured by the Berg Balance Scale, Dynamic Gait Index and fall frequency) found in people with MS after an intervention of motor and sensory rehabilitation.

An Overview of Balance Exercises - from
General information from the team, with links to other articles about balance exercises.

Sample Balance Exercises for Seniors - Institute on Aging
Goes over some balance exercises with good pictures and also discusses safety and progressing the difficulty level of the exercises over time.

Preventing Falls, What Works - CDC
A 100-page document from the Centers for Disease Control that covers various fall prevention approaches used in different locations around the world and the outcomes of each.

Exercises to Improve Balance -
Has some nice drawings of exercises for balance along with some strengthening exercises to help prevent falls.

Senior Balancing Exercises with Lori Whittle
A YouTube video from Lori Whittle, a gerontologist and fall prevention advocate from Florida.

Balance Exercises Slide Show - Mayo Clinic
A slideshow from the Mayo Clinic of some more advanced balance training meant for the younger crowd.

How to Improve Balance - Squidoo
A "lens" from Squidoo with all kinds of information on balance.


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