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75% Commissions on Digital Products
40% on Physical Products

All commissions are calculated based on the total price the customer pays, including shipping (if applicable).

Our main product is The Balance Manual, featured on this site.

Basic version: $29.95 - Your Commission = $22.46
Deluxe version: $39.95 - Your Commission = $29.96
  *40% of people take the deluxe version

But that's just the beginning...

6-Part Ecourse Increases Conversion

Many people are skeptical about buying on the Internet, and studies show that only a small percentage of customers will buy the first time they visit a website.

We have a 6-Part Ecourse that helps and educates the customer while building trust and repor.

By the time a person has completed the course, they've been in contact with us 6 times, and have learned what The Balance Manual can do and why they need it, and are much more likely to buy.

Not Just 1 Product, An Entire Funnel

When a person signs up for the Ecourse through your link, they are cookied so you get any commission they generate from not only the Balance Manual ebook, but also from:
  • Upsells
  • Physical products
  • Sales
  • Follow-up products
This means that the immediate commission you receive from the Balance Manual ebook is usually only half of the total commission you will receive for that person's life in our sales funnel.

Huge Market!

Each year, 1 in 3 people over the age of 60 experience a fall. Older adults are extremely motivated to prevent falls because they know it will help them live a longer and better life.

More and more seniors are surfing the web and making purchases online. In fact, they are the fastest growing demographic of Internet users. Seniors are particularly interested in health information that can help them live with independence and vitality. That's what The Balance Manual helps them do.

Low Refunds

Our refund rate is below 1% because our product really helps the customer improve their quality of life. We also bend over backwards to answer any questions customers have along the way, and promptly reply to technical issues like downloading or ordering questions.

Occasionally, though we repeatedly state that The Balance Manual is only sold as an ebook, some people order thinking they will get a paperback book in the mail. When this happens, and they email us, we actually do ship them a paperback copy of the book at no cost so they don't ask for a refund and you don't lose your commission.

Reliable Payments from An Established Company

We have been in business for four years and have never missed a payout. You will be paid on a monthly basis. A check will be mailed on the 5th of each month for the previous month's commissions.

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The Balance Manual
balance manual

The Balance Manual

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Sign up today and start generating commissions. Thank you, good luck, and if there's anything I can do to help, just contact me here

Mike Ross
The Balance Manual

Note: As of December 1st 2009, all affiliates must be in compliance with new FTC rules regarding affiliates and testimonials.

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We switched from Clickbank because a lot of our backend products are physical products, and after subtracting Clickbank's 10% for each transaction and the cost of the actual product as well as shipping, it didn't leave much for commission.

With our new system, all commissions are calculated on the full retail price the customer pays, which means more for you, and the back end with the physical products can double your total commissions by the time the customer goes all the way through our sales funnel.

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